Best insulating value

One of the first advantages of BENGglas is the U-value (insulation value) is 0.4 W/m2-K. Therefore a pane of 6.3mm thick BENGglass has a U-value which is the best in the world.

The U-values ​​of the various types of insulating glass are made clear in the table at the bottom of this page.

Noise reduction

Due to the vacuum there is little mutual contact between the 2 glass sheets. This not only creates a very good insulation value, but also very good sound reduction.

Normally, very thick glass is needed to achieve sound reduction with insulating glass. This is not the case with vacuum glass. Even in the thinnest version, a dB value of dB=36 is already reached.

This dB value can rise to dB=41 with thicker vacuum glass or with the laminated version.

In short: noise reduction in combination with a thin construction? This is only possible with vacuum glass with the exceptionally good values ​​of BENGglas.


BENGglas is the only toughened vacuum glass in the world. Tempering has several advantages:

  • The occurrence of a thermal break is excluded
  • It is five times stronger than untempered glass of the same thickness
  • Official safety glass; may therefore be glazed to the ground (very suitable for schools, for example)

With regular insulating glass, toughening gives a surcharge. With BENGglas this is standard and is included in the price. Of course, all panes of laminated BENG vacuum glass are also tempered.

Thin and lightweight

BENGglas, toughened vacuum glass, is 6.3mm thick in its thinnest version and weighs only 20kg per m2.

Because the glass is so thin, the glass can be used in existing frames. This saves a lot of time and money. Old glass out, BENGglas in, and the house is made more sustainable.

Compared to triple glazing, vacuum glass is light in weight. Triple glazing is often at least 75% heavier. Heavy glass is also considerably more expensive to install and requires more expensive (heavier) hinges and locks.

15 year warranty

A 15-year warranty is provided on BENGglas products. For regular insulating glass, this warranty period is often limited to only 10 years.

The expected life of the vacuum glass is at least 25 years. During this entire period, in contrast to regular insulating glass and triple glazing, there is no drop in the insulation value. The U-value remains unchanged over the years.

In short, from “day 1, up to, and including far into the future” you are assured of an optimal insulation value.

Many options

By varying the individual glass sheets, a product can be composed with various types of vacuum glass that perfectly match your specific wishes.

Possible variances/options are as follows:

  • Extra bright (more light entry)
  • Sun protection
  • Laminated inner pane (both panes hardened)
  • Oversized: up to 3000mm
  • Shaped panes
  • Anti-fouling coating
  • (In)visible valve
  • Printing (silkscreen)
  • Various thicknesses: 6.3mm, 8.3mm, 10.3mm, 12.3mm or 16.3mm
  • Can be processed with regular insulating glass (“thickening up”)

Micro spaces

All vacuum glass products have micro-spacers. These prevent the outer leaf and inner leaf from touching each other due to the suction effect of the vacuum.

BENGglas has the fewest and smallest spacers; up to 6 times less than other vacuum glass products.

The spacers are virtually invisible. Certainly, if you stand further than 1 meter from the glass, they are not visible to the naked eye.

Fair prices

Although vacuum glass is more expensive than regular insulating glass, it is a wise investment in the long run. Especially because BENGglas is more competitively priced than regular vacuum glass and has a better insulation value than other suppliers.

Because of these 2 advantages (price and performance), the investment pays off and the investment will quickly pay for itself. Moreover, it is expected that energy will be taxed more heavily in the near future.

No condensation on the inside

When the U-value is low, condensation will no longer occur on the inside of the frame.

However, condensation can form on the outside during the “condensation season”. It will show itself around the micro-spacers and usually disappear quickly during the day.




U value

Weight / m2




22.5 kg






Regular vacuum glazing








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